In a recent meeting with a counselor in the stake presidency, he asked us all to tell him how we run our families so well.  While I appreciate the compliment, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking I do a lot of things wrong, as well as some things right.  I didn’t like the implication of the question, which seemed to me that we are all perfect.  I responded that I’m a sinner.

I talked with a friend, a former stake president, (who happened to be in the meeting I attended), and he didn’t seem to like the phrase “I’m a sinner.”  Do you have something to confess?  I told him I don’t always hold family home evening, we don’t always have family prayers every night, and I don’t always say nice things.  I fall short of the ideals we are all supposed to live. In short, I’m a sinner.

It seems to me that this is a phrase common to Born-Again Christians, but Mormons like to constantly strive for perfection, and don’t like to focus on being a bunch of sinners.  Are you a sinner?  Are you comfortable calling yourself a sinner?  Do we have a problem with pride when we don’t like to call ourselves sinners?  Should “I’m a sinner” be reserved only for “major” sins?