We often talk of God being all powerful or omnipotent, but there is a wide range of what Omnipotence can mean in a religion.

At the broadest margins, God is powerful enough to embrace and create paradox.  God can both create a weight so heavy he cannot lift it and lift the weight.  Or, in the classic joke, God can have a creation where all religions are simultaneously correct.

On the other hand, God needs only be powerful enough to eventually save us in the end, if we are faithful. Creation runs the gamut of God creating everything ex nihilo (from nothing) to God organizing or working within an existing creation and material world.  It runs the range of God being God at a sub-atomic level dictating the path of every particle and state across the entire universe to God shepherding the large trends on one world (or even just a sub-set of that world).

The level and type of omnipotence that God has also ties into who or whom God is.  Is God a title?  A Godhead? A divine choir? Ineffable?

This also ties into the question of evil.  If God is an extreme edge omnipotent (controls the universe at a quantum level, can embrace and create and sustain paradox) then why is there evil or pain?  On the other hand, if God is working within an existing system and has sufficient omnipotence to save us at the end of the day in spite of the pre-existing imperfections in the system, one might wonder why there isn’t even more evil and pain.

So, how do you view the omnipotence of God, where does evil come from, and what do you expect from God?