We had a little bit of a slow week of nominations.  Tell your friends!  This is your chance to nominate, or be nominated!  This is week 2 of our usual 3 week nomination period.  (Leave comments on other blogs to tell them to nominate!)

Let’s start with the Tarefic Awards!

Worst Mormon Internet Drama:

Worst Commenter:

  • Chris H
  • Genhy

Biggest Soapbox Commenter:

  • Jeff G
  • Meg Stout

Commenter that started the most arguments:

  • Howard

Worst Mormon Activism:

Worst Excommunication:

  • John Dehlin
  • Rock Waterman

Write-in category:

  • Commenter most likely to cure insomnia: Clark Goble




Here are our 2015 Wheaties categories:  (We decided to start with the least nominated first)

Best apologetic blog:

Most memorable comment:

Funniest Blog:

Funniest thread:

Best post title:

Best historical post:

Best post on feminism:

Best apologetic post:

Best spiritual post:

Best doctrinal post:

Best post on church policy:

Best faith crisis post:

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2015:

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:

Write-in category:

Best satirical post:

Best Bloggernacle Controversy:

Best new blog (first published in 2015):

Best solo blog:

Best new blogger:

  • Michael Austin

Best blog layout/graphics:

  • Wheat and Tares

Best overall blogger:

  • Hawkgrrrl

Best commenter:

  • MaryAnn
  • SilverRain
  • Kristine A

Best humorous post:

Best post series:

Best personal post:

Best current events post:

Best Post on the Temple

Best book/article review:

Best Mormon Activism:

  • Mama Dragons

Most Missed:

  • New Iconoclast

Best big blog:

Best group blog:

Best podcast:

Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum: