New temple clothing policy allows the guy on the right to baptize middle guy, and confirm guy on the left.  Probably ought to lose the flip flops though, I don’t think those are allowed in the temple.

I took my son to do baptisms for the dead this past week and learned of a new change.  In the past, everyone had to wear white to perform baptisms and confirmations.  Young men and women still wear white for the baptisms, but now wear their Sunday clothes for confirmations.  The person who confirms must still be endowed and wear white.  I’ve heard that this cuts down quite a bit on laundry since the whites worn by young men and women, even for just a few minutes and otherwise clean, no longer need to be processed.  This makes a lot of sense, and I’ve always wondered why they didn’t implement this policy sooner.  Any ideas?

My mom told me that when she was eight, she used to participate in baptisms for the dead.  I don’t know when they changed it to twelve.  Why do you think they increased the age?

It also strikes me as odd that priests have the authority to baptize, but in the temple only endowed men are allowed to baptize.  Seemingly unendowed elders should be able to confirm, but once again, temple policy requires these elders to be endowed.  Why do you think this policy exists?