John Swallow, former Attorney General of Utah

Whenever one party dominates a region, it seems that corruption is the result. Detroit has been in the news recently as the democratic mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was jailed for 28 years for corruption. The city is now in bankruptcy. The last 3 democratic governors of Illinois have all ended up in jail for corruption (most recently Governor Rod Blagojevich for trying to sell Senator Obama’s seat following his election as U.S. President.)

Republican-dominated Utah has seen its own share of corruption. Most notable was the 2002 Olympic bribery scandal (in which Mitt Romney came to save the day.) Now recently-elected John Swallow has finally resigned following charges of violating campaign finance disclosure laws, as well as trying to bribe senator Harry Reid (though the Federal government is refusing to press charges on this second issue.)

The fact is that corruption is prevalent in both parties, and seems more rampant where one party controls politics. Just as we complain about corruption democratic-dominated places like Illinois, New York, California, and Massachusetts, it seems that republican-dominated places like Utah and Texas have those same problems. I find myself chafing against any majority. When I lived in New England, I tended to favor republicans because of the corrupt majority democrats. Now that I live in Utah, I tend to favor democrats in republican-dominated Utah. I think it is important not to be dominated by one party. I am also concerned about corrupt lobbyists writing the laws of Congress, especially in the finance and environmental industries.  What say you?