hastening-the-work-Lvl1-263097There has been a lot of buzz on the bloggernacle speculating about the subject of the big meeting yesterday.  I was in one of the lucky wards that only had Sacrament meeting so we could watch the meeting about missionary work.  Paul at Rational Faiths incorrectly predicted that missionaries would be issued iPads, while John F at By Common Consent hoped that missionaries would be required to do more service work with the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, or other similar organizations.  (Some had predicted the Church would ask for more donations to support the larger number of missionaries, but that didn’t happen either.)  EmJen at BCC live-blogged the event, which was nice because I didn’t have to take notes and read her notes to my wife!

Except for asking members to become Facebook friends with the missionaries in their area, and asking people to promote more missionary work on social network sites, it wasn’t the “meeting of the century” that some bloggers had predicted.  Overall, it seemed like they wanted to reinforce more missionary work, and noted there are more than 70,000 missionaries and 173 new mission presidents, but I don’t know that there was anything earth-shaking with the meeting.  (This “new vision” seems pretty recycled to me.)  I was surprised there were so many recorded sessions of apostles.  We don’t hear much about Packer and Monson’s health, but it appears they are becoming much more physically limited.  What were your thoughts?