sealingroomFamilies are Forever is an oft-used slogan here in the Church.  We make a big deal that if we are married in the temple, our children will be sealed to us in the next life, and we can be together forever.  But let’s look at this closer.  I was temple married, but I don’t expect my kids to hang out in my celestial living room for the rest of eternity.  Sure, we’ll visit, but I expect that my children will be sealed to their husbands/wives to do what celestial beings do.

I know a couple that couldn’t have any children, so they adopted 4 children from various ethnic backgrounds.  The parents are extremely active in the church.  Their oldest daughter had a child out of wedlock as a young woman, so these parents have guardianship over their grandson who is now 17 years old.  The want to seal the grandson to themselves, (because obviously the mother has no intentions of getting temple-ready), but the mother refuses to allow the sealing to take place.  When the grandson turns 18, he will be able to choose who he wants to be sealed to, and at this point he is choosing to be sealed to his grandparents.

My question is this:  what’s the point?  I expect this young man will probably serve a mission in the next few years, come home, settle down, and probably get sealed to a new bride within 5 years.  With that sealing, he will be worthy of the sealing ordinance, so why do we care if he is sealed to either his mother or his grandparents?  It’s not like he’s going to hang out in his grandparents eternal living room for the rest of eternity, especially if he is worthy of being sealed to his spouse.

And whether a person is Born in the Covenant (BIC) or not, if they live unworthily of the Celestial Kingdom, they won’t be a forever family anyway.  So I ask, what’s the point of being sealed to parents if the real sealing that matters is to one’s spouse?  Is the idea of being sealed to a parent similar to the Catholic idea that infants should be baptized “just in case something happens to prevent it”?  While I love the sealing to spouse ordinance, I question how theologically important sealing to parents is.  What say you?