Well, here we are less than 48 hours before pant-gate.  I know we are all dying to go to church to see who wears what.

    There are many interpretations on this Sunday’s event, or possibly non-event. Here are a few I gleaned.

    • It’s not about the pants, it’s about equality.
    • It’s not about the pants, it about disrespecting the sanctity of Sacrament meeting.
    • It’s not about the pants; it’s a show of solidarity among Sisters.

    There are certainly enough opinions to go around and any position you likely take will make someone else mad.  And there is always the proverbial back and forth about who is nasty, snarky and disrespectful. But it almost always comes down to “if you don’t agree with me, you are nasty, snarky and disrespectful.”

    My own observation is this. Come Monday morning, nothing will have changed. Some women will wear pants to Church, some ward members will be surprised, and most won’t care.  Some will achieve some level of satisfaction at doing it; some will realize it might not have mattered. Still others will be upset and never understand why it happened.

    And we will move on to the next thing.