Name Removal Request:  You’re the Bishop! Poll #8

In PEC you learn that there is an inactive man in the ward that does not want any contact with the church, and wants his name removed from the membership records. In accordance with the Church handbook of Instructions, you must get it in writing from him before you can send the request to the Stake President to process his request. On your way home from church after a long Sunday, you stop by his house to explain this to him.

You ring the doorbell, and he answers. You explain that you are the bishop of the local Mormon church, and that you understand he wants his name removed from the church records. He says this is correct; he has joined another church. You then explain that you need that in writing. He becomes very agitated, and says he is not writing anything, just remove his name! He says that in any other voluntary organization, when one wants to be removed, they only need to tell them. He does not see the need to write anything.  He tells you not to ever come back, and then slams the door.

(Note:  When this happened to me, joining another church did not mandate church disciplinary action. Since the 2006 CHI, it is now considered “Apostasy,” and as such one can be excommunicated for formally joining another church. I did not have that option when I was bishop.)

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