Last October, I missed all of General Conference because I was traveling for work.  I missed the controversial talks about the 14 fundamentals and homosexuality.  This year, technically I listened to all of the sessions, but I didn’t get very much out of conference.  Due to an emergency, I had to work on Saturday.  Since I was the only one in the office, I tuned into the streaming broadcast on and

The one thing I remember from Saturday was Elder Oaks discussing Aron Ralston.  Aron was the man rock climbing in a remote part of Utah a few years ago.  His hand was pinned by a large boulder.  After 5 days with no sign of rescue, he determined to use a dull knife to help break off his own hand to save his life.  I’ll bet Aron (not LDS) never thought he would be part of a Conference talk.  Since I was working, I don’t recall anything else, and I’m not even sure why Elder Oaks referenced Ralston.

It didn’t get much better for me on Sunday.  I have 3 small children ranging in age from 2-8.  We tried to have the 2 older children do Conference Bingo, and other conference activities.  My wife was trying to help my 6 year-old create a Jesus book.  Exasperated that my 2 year old was interrupting too much, she asked me to take care of him.  After a few failed attempts to persuade him to play with me, I decided to invite him to take a shower with me, thinking I could turn on my shower radio and listen to conference.   However, the battery was weak, and the speakers were all muffled.  As I was drying off, my son peed on my foot.  At least we were still in the tub!  (He’s done that before, so I was glad I had chosen to dry off in the tub.)

I enjoyed the predictions by Mike S concerning General Conference.  In many ways, Conference is incredibly predictable.  President Monson announced new temples, church humanitarian efforts were highlighted following the Japan earthquake and tsunami, and Elder Uchtdorf used the word “supernal” (as KLC predicted on Jeff’s post).  Mike guessed low on the number of convert baptism, but otherwise nailed the number of members announced (over 14.1 million).  Elder Eyring’s voice cracked again–he is always on the edge of tears when he speaks in Conference.

Our stake presidency has noted that people often seem to feel that stake and general conferences are an excuse to miss church.  I admit that it is nice to watch conference in my pajamas.  While I technically didn’t miss conference, I felt I was much too distracted.  Can you tell me what I missed?