It is easy to miss the point of the parable of the rich man and the eye of the needle.  When the apostles go “who then can be saved?” the implicit question is “if not the rich, who are impliedly blessed of God, who is there who can be saved?”  Who is it that Christ will come to?

The answer is just as telling.  “With man it is impossible.”  That is, no one is saved … at least at first blush … “But with God, all things are possible.”

Christ doesn’t say the rich are saved only if they become poor, or that the poor are saved, or that there is some magic middle ground.  He says that with man, salvation is impossible.

What does that mean to you?  What other parables or stories in the scriptures do you think are overworked or used to say things that they don’t really stand for?  Who then can be saved?  Republicans?  Democrats?  Feminists?  Wheat and Tares readers?  Let me hear your thoughts.