Are we disgusting and sinful or are we gods in the making?  Which will cause people to be better?  Telling them they are better than they think or worse than they think?  Is the natural man an enemy to god or are we sons and daughters of heavenly parents?  Why can’t we make up our minds?  The BOM focuses on the fallen and sinful nature of man (the natural man is an enemy to God).  Yet the King Follett discourse is about us being literal gods in the making.  One can almost imagine different members of the Quorum of the Twelve arguing back and forth like a Miller Lite “Tastes Great” / “Less Filling” debate, with those who focus on calling fallen man to repent of his depravity vs. those who view people as inherently good and divine, having limitless potential and worth.

These are really two very different ways of viewing people.

How do you reconcile these two extreme views?  This paradox was the topic of one of President Uchtdorf’s recent talks at General Conference.