Rarely does Bishop Bill wade into current events or politics.  (Even rarer is him using the 3rd person when speaking of himself.) He usually leaves that to the more articulate bloggers at Wheat & Tares.  But today will be different.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for both former President Trump and President Nelson. Since Pres Nelson is Prophet, Seer, Revelator and CEO of the Church, the buck stops with him, and I’ll use him as the proxy for the “Church”, BYU, the Church PR department, and Kriton McConkie.

There is an old adage in law that says:

If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell

I have seen both Trump and Nelson use this to varying degrees of effectiveness these past weeks. Trump tried both arguing the law and the facts and that didn’t work, so now he has resorted to pounding the table, which seems to be his fallback position for just about any time he gets caught doing something wrong.

Pres Nelson started out with the Arizona child molestation case by issuing a press release that argued the law, since the facts where against him, and were really revolting. He said that the Church followed the law, so did nothing wrong.  That fell apart when it was revealed that the Arizona law allowed for the bishop to call authorities without repercussions. So now with the law against them, the PR department issued another release that argued the facts, laying out a timeline with facts they said showed the AP article got it wrong. 

The next step will be pounding the table, which has already started with defenders of the faith.  There will be references made to religious freedom and that the LDS church is being picked on, etc.

While I have no solution for ex-President Trump, I do have some ideas for Pres Nelson that would get some good press.  At the next General Conference, have Pres Nelson get up and devote a whole talk to the Arizona debacle. First he will admit that Kriton McConkie were wrong in the advice they gave the Arizona Bishops, and that they have been fired and will no longer represent the church’s legal interests. (BRM rolls in his grave at this point). He then says that all Bishops will be instructed to report abuse received during confessional when allowed by law (there are a few states and countries that prohibit it). He further states that all new bishops will go through mandatory training on their local laws, and will be given local social services contact information for helping the victims.  

Lastly, after looking at Pres Oaks and giving that “OK, here it goes” look to him, he says he is sorry for the harm that has befallen children, both in the Arizona case and elsewhere due to the Church’s former reporting guidelines.

Then, we switches gears and says the BYU woman’s volleyball coach has been fired, and the rest of the year’s schedule has been canceled.

OK, all of the above is very simplistic and fanciful thinking of very complex situations and now you know why I stay away from current events!