It was actually two sets of questions. The one was too logically unsound, but the other kind of fits a discussion of the Old Testament.

I was asked “what about the rumor that Elder Bednar paid no tithing in 2021 on his retirement, social security or stipend but still asked others to pay tithing? And what about the rumor that members aren’t allowed to make their own garments like they did for scores of years to financially benefit the Smith family company that makes all the garments?”

First “what about a rumor?!”


Eli was a prophet, and his sons took bribes

Selling out the judgment seat, destroying peoples lives

They took care of Eli and he grew quite fat

Bought himself a stool and there is where he sat.


Samuel was a prophet and his sons ran whores

Lined them up by troops at the tabernacle doors

As for the bribes, they took money hand over fist

And of their sins Samuel did not make them desist,


God can judge a prophet, but more importantly

God will judge us all and God will judge me

I’ll leave judgment of others and the Smiths to God for eternity

Pay attention to the Iron Rod and then we will see


Jake wasn’t happy with the answer, which is one of the major points of the Old Testament. He pretty up and challenged me on it, claiming Christ would say I was flat out wrong.

My response:

Matthew 23:2-3 is exactly what Christ had to say.

Not a single word about all of that being an excuse not to follow.

What do you think. Would you give a different answer?