I didn’t post last week, partly because end of school year insanity and partly because I just didn’t know what to say in the wake of the Uvalde shootings.

The shootings hit me hard. I think they should hit everyone hard. Many reasons for that, but one is that two of my kids are basically exactly the age of those killed and another is that my kids are old enough now to read about this in the news. And they did, and they told me about the girl who survived by covering herself in her friend’s blood, and they told me about how the active shooter drills they do in school would be useless against this shooter. And they are right.

I was traveling and wasn’t in church Sunday, but I would be shocked – truly shocked – if the shootings were mentioned in my ward. I haven’t heard any accounts of it being mentioned in any LDS ward at all (but please comment if you have an example!).

So I was feeling pretty envious of Meg Conley’s description of a service she went to that expressly addressed the shooting with a special litany and a sermon addressing them:

I must admit, though, if I had been in Church on Sunday I would have been skittish about bringing this up. Why? Because I’d be concerned that it would get really political really fast, and because I would worry about spiritual bypassing.

What do you think?

  • Did anyone in your congregation mention the Uvalde shooting in Church on Sunday? If so, what was said / discussed?
  • Do you think we shy away from hard topics in Church meetings? If so, why?
  • Do you think discussing the shootings in an LDS church would be perceived as overly political? Why or why not? What would be the best way to address without politicizing? Or should we accept / embrace that it is political?
  • What kinds of spiritual bypassing do you see in Church about hard events like this (or the war in Ukraine)? Do you see this as something that gets in the way of our ability to mourn with those that mourn?