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The quality of the LDS ship programs and accommodations have changed over the years.

The LDS ship has always been known to be expensive and passengers have always willingly paid premium prices for the full service LDS cruise experience. Many families has been cruising on the same cruise line for years and the kids have loved hearing their elderly relatives talk about all the wonderful ports and the amazing ship experiences that they have had in the past. The kids have looked forward to those same experiences.

Current passengers were promised that they will get a balcony suite and a true luxury cruise experience in exchange for the high price of the tickets.

As the current passengers board, they are randomly being assigned housekeeping, entertainment and meal prep. They are promised that there is a captain on board and that he knows how to navigate. The term Celestial Navigation keeps being brought up — but the LDS ship seems to be going in circles and has not docked in a real port in years.

As the passengers clean, entertain each other, prep meals and shine up the ship, they are able to see the other ships nearby. The other ships all appear to have capable and competent paid staff and the passengers on other ships appear to be having a really good time. The other ships serve margaritas.

The LDS passengers have been told that the LDS ticket price will stay the same but that they will be expected to pick up even more of the workload. They are told that they should be grateful to be allowed on the cruise. The entertainment program was just cancelled. Housekeeping and meal prep are now the only options.

In other news, the LDS cruise line just posted record-setting profits. The company states that increased profits were due to savvy investments unrelated to the cruise industry.

From Damascene

The LDS Church used to have a professional ministry for the boy’s youth program (well, we paid out about $50,000.00 a year per ward for scouting). The Institute programs used to have regional activities and were vital and engaging.

I appreciate that stipends came about as Paul H. Dunn and others were taking employment that led them into promoting businesses that were not really a good match. But the truth is, that as stipends and the related cafeteria plans and other benefits have increased (and the details have become less public), the level of services provided to the average ward has dropped.

Leaders no longer sleep at the homes of members and eat with them, instead they stay at hotels and eat at restaurants. Many claim that they have a fully enclosed ecosystem of their own that they live within and relate to.

Leaders have a better berth on the boat than they used to have, everyone else seems to have gotten reduced status.

What do you think?

  • Are the leaders really as isolated as some claim?
  • Has the “bang for the buck” really gone down?
  • What direction do you see the boat going in and what is it providing?