There is a field of physics called Quantum Mechanics. Unlike Classical physics, sometimes called Newtonian Physics, quantum mechanics does stuff that seems like magic. While much of it is theoretical, some of its theories have been proven by experimentation in the last few years.

One of the most fascinating concepts to me is quantum teleportation, which involves something called entanglement. While I have taken several years of collage physics, I don’t pretend to know anything about this as I’ll attempt to explain this in simple terms. Quantum teleportation evolves putting two sub atomic particles (electrons or photons) close together where they become entangled . Then one particle is moved an arbitrary distance away (could be inches, miles, or light years). When one particle is acted on, the second particle responds in the same way. A crude example is having two coins spinning on their edges very close together. In this state they are nether heads or tales. Now one coin is moved away, say 100 miles away, still spinning. You take the first coin and slam your hand down on it, causing it to flatten and come up heads. If you do the same to the other moved coin, it will always come up tales, the opposite. [1]

Another simplified explanation below

Quantum teleportation works by creating pairs of entangled photons and then sending one of each pair to the sender of data and the other to a recipient. When Alice receives her entangled photon, she lets it interact with a “memory qubit” that holds the data she wants to transmit to Bob. This interaction changes the state of her photon, and because it is entangled with Bob’s, the interaction instantaneously changes the state of his photon too.

In effect, this “teleports” the data in Alice’s memory qubit from her photon to Bob’s. 

MIT Technology Review

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like magic. Two photons that use to be together are moved thousands of miles away, and you change something in the first photon, and the exact same changes happen in the second photon! Of course, when electricity was first discovered, it seems like magic to most that did not understand it. In years to come will we fully understand quantum teleportation, and the magic will be gone?

When I read about these principles of quantum mechanics, I wonder if this is how God communicates with us. Is this how prayer works? Does the “spirit” use quantum teleportation to put ideas in our head? Are the electrons in our brain entangled with God’s from when He created us, so He can now use this to communicate with us? What do you think about quantum communication?

[1] In physics the coin is a spinning electron, where it is spinning either up or down. When the first observed electron is spinning up, the other one is always spinning down.