There are a number of issues created by culture and policy. Rather than write about what “should” be done about the issues created by those, I’d like to ask for feedback on what could be done.

“Should” implies a moral obligation. “Could” is a matter of possibilities.

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For the first issue, there is a continuing problem that arises. A woman marries young. Has a number of children early. Her only education or training is in something like “family and early childhood development” for which there is no career path or employment.

Then, about the time her children are grown, she is either widowed or discarded in a divorce. At this point, she needs at least three to four years of education/training and support in order to be self-supporting in anything but dire poverty.

My question is, what could we as a church do for people who followed the advice to marry early, forgo a career or useful education/training and have many children while young and then are suddenly outside of a family’s support, either because of death or divorce?

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What do our readers think we could do, other than provide a Christmas basket once a year?

What other issues do you think might be interesting to discuss in the future?

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