What’s in the sealed Book of Mormon? The late Dr. John Pratt tells us what is in the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon that Mauricio Berger translated.

John: I’ll tell you what’s in the part that it has been published. There’s three main books in it. The first is called the Words of Moroni, and like the Words of Mormon in the Book of Mormon, which explains a little bit what’s going on, the Words of Moroni explains what’s going on. Basically, it explains that there’s some books in the first, the plates that Mauricio is going to translate. Some of them will be in the first part, edition, and some will be in the second. He says that most people will not accept it, in this generation. In a couple more generations, most of the LDS Church will have accepted this as true, but not at first. [It says] that we don’t get the second half until we learn what’s in the first half. So, that’s just his words, explaining.

John:  The two main books in it are the sealed Book of Moses, and the Acts of the Three Nephites. I can do them both just in a sentence or so.

John:  That was the short sentence that said [that] the whole sealed Book of Moses is the history of the world of a high priests’ manual, and also how Satan will mimic it with his priesthood. It shows how Satan will have these academic universities where they join the skull and crossbones in these orders, to gain the secret knowledge, the Rosicrucian’s, and all. Satan will have his parallels, and this is shown:  Nimrod, and what’s going on, all through history. So, in one sentence, it’s a high priests’ manual.

John:  The church has never needed a high priests manual, because they haven’t had any real high priests. It’s sad, but true. Then, the book after that is the Acts of the Three Nephites. When you hear that name, you think, “Oh, boy, this is going to be about turning rivers out of their courses and moving mountains, and great healings.” I mean, Three Nephites, they’re going to be amazing.” If somebody were faking the book, I think that might be what they would do. But this is a book written to prepare for the Second Coming, to prepare what is needed. What is it we need? There’s a lot of things in the Acts of the Three Nephites. But one of the main things is, it’s the instructions on how to successfully start the United order. I read that and I thought, “If anybody’s faking a book, they’re not going to say, ‘Well, you know what? Joseph Smith tried to start the United order and failed. Then Brigham Young really tried.’”

What are your thoughts on the Brazil Plates?

The late Dr. John Pratt says there are 3 churches of Mormonism. He’ll talk about the purpose that each church fulfills.

John:  The restoration branches. This is really important. There are three main restoration branches, and the Lord has worked with all three of them, and each one is doing a job. Brigham Young, even though he wasn’t a high priest, he did have the keys of an apostle. What’s the job of an apostle? It’s to spread the gospel over the world. What’s the main thing the LDS Church has done? It’s spread the gospel all over the world. The Book of Mormon has gone everywhere. That’s wonderful. That’s amazing. It’s a true book. So that was the job of the LDS Church. Sure, they got off track on other stuff, okay. Alright, the Sacrament’s not perfect.

John:  This is something–oh, there’s a whole story about lineal succession, which is another story. I’ll just say it very briefly. Joseph Smith made it clear that his successor was to be his son, Joseph Smith, the third. He was ordained, anointed and ordained in the presence of several people who testify of that. But he’s only 11 years old at the martyrdom. Somebody had to be the guardian of the Church until he was old enough. Sidney Rigdon, he’s known to have stood up and said, “I’ll be the guardian until that time,” in the big debate. Then Brigham Young gets up and says that the Twelve can be. They vote for the Twelve.

John:  In any case, the Temple Lot did keep it, no matter who was suing them. So, the Temple Lot people have kept the temple lot. The others have the lineage and Mormons have the [missionary work.] But, they’re all important, and right now they’re all coming together. The apostles in this new church, two of them are from the Temple Lot and I think one is from Reorganized and one is from LDS. So, they’re coming together.

John:  There are prophecies in Isaiah about this.

John definitely has an unusual interpretation for this Isaiah prophecy. Do you agree?

So far, we keep referring to this group as “The Brazil Group.”  But what is the official name of this church?

John:  So, the short name we use, instead of having to say, it’s the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints founded/headquartered in Brazil. That is a mouthful. We’re doing the short name. It’s the Reborn LDS church, because that’s what it is.  It’s reborn. It’s like this Christian reborn thing.  Because it turns out if you look at the Mayan calendar, the life cycle of man. First there’s conception and then there’s quickening, where you enter the womb, and then there’s birth. The next step after that is what I call the birth of the natural man. It’s the day of accountability. It’s teenagers when they get rebellious. That’s the natural man that rebels against God, then there’s a day later on in life where you’re supposed to repent, turn to God again, and be born again of the Spirit. You’ve been born again. There’s a day in everybody’s life that’s supposed to do that. The Church of God has a birth date. It also has a date when it became rebellious, which is the day it elected Brigham Young, it turns out. Then, there’s a day when it stops being rebellious and goes back to God. That was, I believe, the 6th of April 2019. It was reborn at that time. So, I’m saying–it’s not just a cute name. It actually was reborn at that time. It was prophesied in the sealed book by Moses, which nobody could have faked because they don’t know that stuff.

John:  So, anyway, there you go. That’s the Reborn LDS Church. The website is, there’s one in Brazil. But, I made my own, because I have the old histories. I like it better. It’s called Second Invitation, because Joseph Smith was the first invitation to the restored gospel. This is now the second invitation to the restored gospel. So, https://secondinvitation.info. There I’ve got a history and there’s lots of information there about this church.

GT:  All right, cool.  Denver Snuffer, have you talked to him about this church?

John:  Oh, he did not like the book.  Before it came out, he read about it, and pronounced it bogus before he’s read it. Now he has read it, and he hasn’t changed his mind.

John:  So, I’m a real rebel over there. The word on the street over at Denver’s place is, “Too bad about John.” And why? Because they still want to follow a prophet. They’re following him. He says, “Don’t follow me.” He just said–and he never said he prayed about the book. He said, “It’s a big deal for me to come into the presence of the Lord, and I’m not going to pray about trivial things.” He said, “To me, this is obviously bogus.” That was his word on it, bogus. So, it’s just his opinion. It boils down to, I liked the book and he didn’t. But, of course, everybody in his group is mysteriously with him. So, I go to the conferences, and I told him. I said, I won’t say anything that you think is heresy. But, anyway, so I’m a believer, but not too many of his group are. I don’t, I think I know one other one who is in his group that accepts the Sealed Book. So, there you go.

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