It always surprises me when talking to very TBM friends when they say something very “non-TBM”. It seems even the most orthodox among us have some gripes with the Church. The idea for this post came from a non-religious discussion on a reddit thread where people listed things the didn’t like, but are almost universally agreed upon that they are good. Things like the sit-com “Friends” made the reddit list.

I was once talking to a very TBM friend of mine who had recently been released as a counselor in the Stake Presidency. We were talking about some aspect of church history which I don’t even remember what the exact subject was. I explained something to him about the subject, and he said “oh, that makes us sound like a cult!” He didn’t refute the fact, just that it was very cult like.

There have been many posts here at Wheat&Tares on the subject of “cafeteria Mormons“. Like that, this subject of orthodox members not liking or agreeing with some part of the church was never more manifest than this last year, when even the most faithful among us rejoiced at not having to go to church due to COVID. No more fighting to get the kids ready. How about very TBM members refusing to follow the prophets counsel on wearing a mask or getting a COVID vaccine?

I had a very TBM member tell me he didn’t like going to temple. He thought it was boring and inefficient, and yet the Temple experience is the pinnacle of our religion, and universally praised as the most spiritual place on earth. How may “good members” do you see siting in the foyer or in their car during the 2nd hour?

Of course we could just chalk this up to the “Church”, which has its faults due the foibles of man. But everyone loves the pure Gospel of Christ. But how do you separate them?

So what are some of the surprising things you’ve heard your orthodox friends say? How did you react when you heard them say those things?