I’m backpacking with short windows of time where I can check the Internet and get calls from people trying to sell me an extended warranty on my car.

And then I get calls from friends trying to give me a hard time for getting my law degree from BYU.

“Did you hear the latest about Elder Holland and BYU?”

“Of all the times to call, and then to get your guaranteed snark out of context.”

Cf https://latterdaysaintmag.com/woe-unto-those-who-call-a-good-man-evil/?fbclid=IwAR1KV5u2ctWsur6pnGMITqxRK9kptDZSIzmgb3NdAmiFIZ63aRBvG6YLAVY

“No. Hear me out. Elder Holland is brilliant. So he must have intended how his talk was received regardless of what he said, down to the valedictorian getting interviewed by the Times.”

“Look, I’m going to check the weather report…”

“Hear me out. This talk is proof that no matter how much your church values BYU, it doesn’t respect BYU—and I’m right to give you a hard time.”


“No. I’ll prove it to you. Take the last ten Presidents of your church or the last twenty or thirty Apostles. How many graduates from BYU?

H—- Steve. How many served missions? I’m sure your church values BYU and missionaries. But they don’t respect them. I know. You are going to hang up on me, but check it out and show me how I’m wrong”

Well. He was right, I did hang up.

But I don’t have time to prepare a response. So I’m asking our readers for one instead.

I’ll be checking in and look forward to help from our readers.