I am working on a post about what the current gold standard is for prevention and mitigation of sexual abuse.

Until then, I’m sharing some information on mandatory reporting.

Typically, a mandatory reporting law will also have a clause and explanatory text that states:

“The duties of mandated reporters are individual and no supervisor or administrator shall impede or inhibit the reporting duties, and no person making the report shall be subject to any sanction for making the report.”

Generally, if there is someone who has impeded or inhibited reporting they should be reported to the police for inhibiting the reporting.

With children, abuse includes:

 Sexual exploitation of a minor
 Invasion of privacy

That can mean asking inappropriate sexually charged questions of a minor.

If there was more reporting of inappropriate communication and more reporting every time someone was threatened and told not to report (especially since that sometimes happens in writing), you would get a lot less sexual exploitation by inappropriate verbal contacts and a great deal fewer threats.

Preparing to report.

I don’t understand why there is not more of a focus on educating people about the law. Though I had a friend who taught others about reporting (with the tag line “you will report or I will see you in jail”) and he is now stake president Mark Romney in the Dallas area.

So there is that potential downside.

I’ll eventually get my “gold standard” essay finished.

Until then I just have questions.

  • What do you think?
  • How would you educate members about reporting abuse —mandatory and otherwise?
  • What have your experiences been?
  • How well do you think most people understand mandatory reporting laws?