So. My niece is finally happy with us.


Yeah, she figured out we only wanted what is best for her.

What? Don’t give me that look.

You asked. Just what sort of “best” did you try and impose on her? Just what is best?

How the heck do I know what is best for her? We just wish her the best and try to be supportive. She has to figure the rest out for herself.

Ok. What is with it with that look you are giving me?

She didn’t figure out you want “the bestfor her. She figured out you weren’t going to try to impose something on her.

What kind of fool would do that?

Darn it. You are giving me that look again.


How many times has someone told you that they wanted what was best for you but…

  • It was really just what was best for them?
  • They were just trying to impose a solution on you that wouldn’t work for you?
  • They are just trying to sell you something?
  • They just wanted you to accept their approach regardless of what it was?
  • They really admitted they didn’t know what “the best” was?

What are your thoughts when someone says they only want “the best” for you?