One aspect of my job requires me to take complex systems and distil them to a couple of Power Point viewgraphs that even upper management can understand. I enjoy this, but I have yet to have the opportunity to use a Venn diagram in these presentations. I love Venn diagrams, especially funny ones. I even included one in my introduction when I joined Wheat & Tares are a blogger.

So today I’ll share some Mormon flavored diagrams, some I made up myself (like the WofW one above), and others I found on the internet (google is your friend) and changed them to meet my needs for this post.

I’d like your comments on the diagrams, what works, and what I missed in each. For example, the Word of Wisdom one above, what could I change to make it better? I thought about adding alcohol, but it was both a 19th century idea (temperance) and a current health guidance, though for health there is a difference between strong drinks and something like wine, which modern health science and D&C 89 understand, but the WofW does not. I couldn’t figure how to add it. Your thoughts?

The above is a fun one I found on the internet. I was wondering what other thing you could insert for DMV and Star Wars and still have it make senses.

This one I also found, but modified some of the intersections. This is just fun, with a small dig at our modesty obsession, and misunderstanding the true meaning of the word modesty.

I found one like this on google, but changed some things to have it align with my views. I think the takeaway here is that members teach things not taught by the Prophet, and that nobody encompasses all the truth. What would you add or change?

This one I made up. I was trying to show how little the doctrine of the Book of Mormon is in modern Church teachings, and that there is no mention of any temple ordnance in the BofM. What did I miss?

And lastly here is one I found and changed it up some.

So please share any fun Venn diagrams you have.