As announced in a post at the Newsroom, “A Special Video Message of Hope and Healing Is Coming From the Prophet November 20.” And who can argue with a message of hope and healing in these difficult times? You might be a bit skeptical about how special it might turn out to be, as these sort of “special message” promises get thrown around all the time in order to get members to attend a not-so-special meeting or to view an entirely unremarkable broadcast.

But let’s be positive: there’s a lot of good things that could be said by way of counsel or encouragement at the moment. Let’s review some options for what President Nelson might say tomorrow. Here are a few options for tomorrow’s topic that I’ll sort of summarize in a one-paragraph blurb. You can vote for one you think will be said or should be said, or come up with your own suggestion.

COVID: Wear Your Masks. “Brothers and sisters, protect yourself and your families by wearing masks when you are in public places. Part of being a Zion community and caring for our neighbor is to take reasonable precautions to protect them as well. Follow the recommendations of our medical professionals: Keep your social distance. Wear a mask in public buildings. Wash your hands frequently. Make Thanksgiving a small gathering for just your immediate family. This will save lives, possibly someone in your own family.”

Elections: Support your President. “Brothers and sisters, here in the United States we are blessed to live in a country with free elections, democratic institutions of self-government, and constitutionally guaranteed personal rights and freedoms, including religious freedom. Being a good citizen means avoiding the evils of racism and bigotry, but it also means supporting our duly elected public officials, including our President. Don’t contribute to social conflict and disorder. Practice kindness at every opportunity. The First Presidency will show its support for these goals by sending President-Elect Biden a congratulatory message shortly after he is inaugurated on January 20, 2021.”

Jesus Still Loves You. “Brothers and sisters, know that Jesus still loves you, despite the difficulties we might presently be facing as a community and as a nation. He’s sorry you might have lost a friend or loved one to the awful plague that rages among us, but the scriptures tell us that sometimes we must taste the bitter to better appreciate the sweet. Be assured that we in the First Presidency and the other apostles who lead the Church have taken all reasonable precautions to protect you and other members of the Church as you eventually resume attending meetings and our temples. So please continue to watch our video messages, continue to do your Come Follow Me reading and study, and continue to mail in your tithing checks.”

Those are my top three guesses. Or it might be something completely different: an initiative to revamp and dramatically upgrade the ventilation systems in LDS buildings worldwide, maybe tapping into that $100 Billion Fund. Or cutting tithing to 7% until the end of 2021 to assist everyone dealing with financial stress due to Covid, making up any revenue shortfall from the $100 Billion Fund.

What do you think might be said by President Nelson tomorrow? What do you think *should* be said by President Nelson tomorrow?