Last week we discussed how Denver Snuffer changed from believing Joseph was a polygamist, but now believes Joseph was a monogamist. I was under the impression that Denver had re-written D&C 132 (which he did on his blog), but he elected to remove 132 completely from his new set of scriptures (that we talked about 2 weeks ago.) Denver has a new revelation in section 157:33 that says if Adam had 1 wife Eve, that should be good enough for the rest of us. While apparently he did accept polygamists in his community, he no longer associates with them, and as a result, many fundamentalists have become enemies and call his a false prophet. (I didn’t realize how polarizing he was!)

This week, we will continue with his justifications for Joseph’s monogamy, and Denver will tell us about how the Law of Adoption affected Brigham Young’s plan for succeeding Joseph Smith.  We’ll focus more on the sealing power, and the polygamy affidavits were used to support polygamy that helped Brigham Young’s ascension to leadership in the Church.

Denver:  But the idea of Adoption had a profound effect on the history of the Church. Because Brigham Young led the first company, they come in. This is the place. They settle down. He has himself anointed a king and a priest in the log cabin that was built. Then the king returns across the plains, back to Winter Quarters. On his way back, he runs into the company that had John Taylor and Parley Pratt in it. John Taylor and Parley Pratt had some kind of sealing adoption organization put together for the companies. They lead in the migration. When Brigham Young met them, they had reorganized the companies that they were in, contrary to the way that Brigham Young had adopted folks together in the ceremonies in Nauvoo.

So now they were in defiance of the priesthood by what they done. Well, they were members of the Quorum of the Twelve. The vote that was taken on August 8 of 1844 was that the Quorum of the Twelve would take care of the Church, not Brigham Young. It was the Quorum. So, John Taylor, and Parley Pratt didn’t regard Brigham Young as having any right to rule and reign or dictate over them. They were doing what they thought best after they saw how the company functioned. They realigned the adoptions as they were going West. Well, Brigham Young fumed from there all the way back to Winter Quarters.

Denver Snuffer welcomes people to join his movement but emphasizes that the Remnant Movement is not a church!  How does that work?

GT:  Your movement is the Remnant Movement. That’s kind of the name.  Do you have an official name for your church?

Denver:  No, there isn’t a church. There isn’t a church, except in the sense that the church was defined in the revelation given to Joseph Smith. The Church that existed were people that repented, came into the Lord and were baptized. That’s it. That’s the definition of the Church. And that definition preceded the organization in April of 1830. There were at least three different congregations or fellowships of people that existed before the incorporation took place in April of 1830. All of them were considered members of Christ’s church because the definition was just repent, come unto me, be baptized in my name for remission of your sins.  If you’re going to say there’s a Church, that’s it.

We don’t require. I don’t require. I don’t know of anyone that says you have to leave the LDS Church to accept the work that God has got underway today. I have said, a Catholic priest could come and be baptized for the remission of his sins, accept the restoration and go on his way, and retain his status as a Catholic and a priest, if he chose to do so. Methodists can join. Latter-day Saints can join. There’s nothing to be done except have someone that has authority to baptize, baptize you. And then the name of the person, (because we’re required to keep track of the names,) has to be submitted to another volunteer who’s keeping what’s called the recorders clearinghouse. Those names get given to him. At the end of a year, all of the names are alphabetized, and they’re put in for that calendar year and they’re entered by hand into a book. There’s no electronic version. No one can hack it. No one can go online and get into it. There’s only one hand-written copy.

This sounds like dual-citizenship! Denver says that the LDS Church does excommunicate members who support him, and doesn’t understand why the Church is so thin-skinned. Why do you think the Church goes after Snuffer’s supporters?