Elder Uchtdorf recently gave a devotional to all missionaries world wide. He is the chair of the Church’s Missionary Executive Committee.

Sometimes the progressive Mormons look to Elder Uchtdorf as their leader, but lets not forget that he didn’t get to where he is at by being a loose cannon!

Here are some interesting quotes from his talk.

Presently, some 400 missionaries in missions worldwide have extended their service, unable to return home

They did NOT extend their service, they are stuck! I wonder if they have a choice to be released in country so they can just chill doing non-missionary activities? Would the church give them an honorable release if they completed their two years, and demanded to be released? It would have been great if we could have “seen” into the future, and knew to bring these missionaries home before the travel restriction hit. Is the church funding these missionaries extension, or are the parents footing the bill?

“These are challenging times for our worldwide missionary service,” he said, adding that God has not been surprised by the events that have put the world in commotion.

God wan’t surprised, but our Church leaders that claim to to speak with him were. Did God want to make missionary work harder?

“It has been said that the recent pandemic may have been a ‘divine reset’ that could help us recalibrate our efforts to reach more people — and especially a younger audience.”

Could God not have done this “divine reset” without killing 838,000 people (as of 8/29/20) or infecting 24.8 million people? I can think of a much easier way to “re-calibrate” the missionary service that doesn’t involve mass death and global economic turmoil.

Past missionaries may have limited their thinking about how to take the gospel to the world, using technology only when forced to by geographic distances

(note: not a direct quote, but paraphrase by The Church News)

Now here is some major gas-lighting! It was the missionary’s fault that they didn’t use Facebook and their iPhones more in the past! They should have just brought their iPhones with them on their mission five years ago, and went to the internet cafe to get on Facebook several hours a day. No, their limited thinking was not at all influenced by strict mission rules that prohibited any and all online activity, and forbid the use of cell phones. It was just their limited thinking that needed a “divine reset” to push them in this new direction.

What are your thoughts on Elder Uchtdorf’s talk? Is he just trying to paint a rosy picture, when in fact the missionary program is in free fall? Or do you think the missionary program is as good as it has ever been with all the new technology?