Did you do Home Church on Sunday? (I’m capitalizing it because it’s a thing now.) The local leaders of the various stakes, wards, and branches of the Church were all over the map on authorizing the sacrament. This is sort of the new normal for the Church, ambiguous communication from the top and a wide variety of implementation at the local level. Chez moi, the Stake President sent a letter to the whole stake, through the bishops, that basically authorized everyone in the stake to do the sacrament in the home. So, for the first time in several decades, we had Home Church. Here is my report.

I was actually willing to let it slide until our next who-knows-when congregational meeting, but I was outvoted 1-1. I went with cream-colored dockers, a blue shirt, and (again outvoted) a tie. I opened with a prayer. No announcements. One quiet verse of a sacrament hymn. As the emblems of the sacrament, we employed homemade sourdough bread and tap water in a crystal goblet as the joint water cup for the two of us. I was kind of moved by that 19th-century throwback to a joint goblet. She shared a scripture from Jacob 5. I read the short chapter on Jacob 5 from Michael Austin’s Buried Treasures: Reading the Book of Mormon Again for the First Time (BCC Press, 2017). She gave the closing prayer. It was nice. I can do this again a few times.

So: Did you do Home Church on Sunday? No church? Church of nature? Church of brunch (at the last restaurant still open in your town)? Did you bless and pass the sacrament in your own home? Did you dress up in your Sunday best, sport business casual, go with jeans and a tee shirt, or just shuffle out in PJs? Did you read a scripture chapter together, give a talk, or just watch a video? Inquiring minds need to know. This might be where we’re at for two or three months.