President Trump once famously said “”I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters”. The way I see this, there is a percentage of Trump supporters that this holds true. There is also a percentage of voters on the left that would not vote for Trump even if he brought permanent peace to the Middle East. Then there is that group in the middle, that looks at facts and tries to make a logical decision.

I see much the same panning out with the members of the church, and in particular with the recent revelation that the church has $100 billion in reserve (which they did not dispute in their commentary). I see a percentage of the church that wouldn’t care if it was $1 trillion, and Pres Nelson had a $1 Billion in his private bank account. The church can do no wrong, and this just proves it is true! Then there is another percentage of the population in general that thinks the church is an evil cult, and could not be persuaded otherwise even if Jesus himself appeared next to Pres Nelson in a press conference and asked everybody to listen to the missionaries.

Then there is the middle group, of which I think the readers of this blog belong. They try to avoid confirmation bias, and make a logical decision based on the facts.

I see the comments as such:

Group 1: It is great that the church has money saved for a raining day, the Lord has truly blessed us. The whistle-blower was just anti-Mormon garbage

Group 2: This just shows that the LDS is a corporation masquerading as a church. They need to help the poor and stop building the temples that are always empty

Group 3: Wow, that is a lot of money. Maybe if we knew what they were going to do with it there wouldn’t be such a surprise to members. Lets hope this brings more transparency so we can feel better about this.

What kinds of comments have you heard from other members or people in general? Do they fall in one of the three groups? Has anybody been asked about this from a non-member friend? What is the craziest thing you have heard from either side?