Ok. Everyone predicts the announcements in the next General Conference. I thought that instead I would predict talks that won’t be given in Conference.

The widow’s mite

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

You are probably aware that a recession has been predicted for next year. I do not know if that will happen or not. But the anticipation of it will affect many things.

So, for this year, instead of paying tithing to the Church I am urging each of you to donate time and money to the charity of your choice or to individuals in need.

For this year the Church will cover its operating and other costs from investments and reserves.

By donating to charities instead you can help those in need and can help when giving is reduced because of the fear of a recession.

Think of Christ and what he would do. Look towards your neighbors and others in need. Those of you in need can help each other —and by acknowledging each other do good to their souls and yours.

I do not know what the future will bring, but I do know, paraphrasing the scripture that charity is the pure love of Christ and that whosever is found possessed of it, it will be well with them regardless of what else happens.

I leave you with this in the love of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • What things do you not expect to hear at General Conference (but wouldn’t mind if you heard them)?
  • How does this compare to the lesson of the Widow’s Mite that Christ taught? Was Christ wrong not to condemn her payment?