Last weekend destructive tornadoes hit the Dallas Texas area. A friend of mine that lives in Dallas, but was in an area not hit by the tornadoes , said a fellow ward member posted about how blessed they were to be spared the destruction. This bothered my friend, as the posts implied that those that did get hit by the tornadoes were NOT blessed, that somehow God was NOT watching out for them, and had abandon them. My friend said it would have been much more appropriate for the ward members to use the word “Grateful”.

So the ward members could have said “How grateful we are that the tornadoes did not hit out house”

What do you think of this idea? How would testimony meeting be if we followed this idea?

“I’m so grateful that my wife was cured of cancer”

“I’m so grateful that the fire department put out the brush fire before it got to my house”

“We are so grateful for the rain that has fallen”

What would then be the appropriate time to use the word “blessed’?

“We are so blessed to have a temple nearby”

“Our family was blessed while my husband served as bishop”

“Our stake was blessed to have Pres Nelson come for stake conference”

But even these could also imply that somebody else was not blessed. Maybe there was a family that fell apart (divorce) because the husband was bishop (I know of one). Maybe the Lord forgot to bless them?

What do you think? Is there a legitimate use of the word “blessed”, that won’t put somebody else down when they are not blessed?

What do you think of using grateful or thankful instead of blessed?