I created an abridged version of the Mueller report, or rather of the stuff that is most relevant today (i.e. the obstruction of justice portion in volume 2). I realize most people won’t have time to read a 448 page report, so I grabbed all the portions that jumped out at me and put them together in roughly the order they occur in the real report.

It doesn’t cover everything, but it covers most of the episodes that Mueller considered. (I skipped a few that seemed less relevant or seemed very similar to another account.)

This is not a summary of the report, it’s the actual words from the report, except where I indicate otherwise. It’s probably about 13 pages in Word, so I’d expect up to 30 minutes to read it all. If you don’t even have 30 minutes, I also broke it up with headers to make it easy to just get the idea by just reading the headers and then diving in for details as needed. And I gave page numbers to the actual report if you want to deep dive.

At this point, I make no commentary. I intend to do another post later that covers “What Mueller Left Out” (or something like that) to give the other side of the argument (as best as I can find anyhow.) I might even then go on to do a 3rd post giving my own analysis of each point, if I’m feeling brave.

My hope is that more people will dive into the actual source material rather than relying on media accounts.

I think the Mueller report is of special interest to members of the Church given Utah’s both electing Trump, but only with a minority of votes. (See my past post on the Utah Protest vote.) I think Utah found itself stuck between what, to them, was two awful choices and just didn’t know what to do.

Points for Discussion:

  1. Flynn and the Logan Act (#1-9): This was the first problem that led to the others. How do you feel about the Logan act? Should Flynn be prosecuted for it? Was Trump sharing an opinion or ordering Comey? Should it be (is it?) illegal for a president to share his opinion to an investigator under circumstances like these?
  2. Trump and Sessions (#10-12, 19, 21, 30-32): The trouble between Sessions (Attorney General) and Trump became the center piece of all the other problems. (#30 being particularly important, and also hilarious.) Trump continually criticized Sessions “decision” to recuse himself, sometimes quite publicly. What are your feelings about Trump’s actions?
  3. Trump and Cohen (#38-49): The story of Trump and Cohen is (even by Mueller’s own analysis) not a case of obstruction of justice, but Mueller chose to include it anyhow. If Cohen’s story is true, I personally found this story particularly troubling. What evidence do we have that either Trump or Cohen is telling the truth? Why did Trump choose to have Cohen “stay on message”?
  4. What evidence/facts/mitigating circumstances are you aware of that Mueller left out? (I am particularly interested in this so that my next post can be as accurate as possible about any weaknesses in the Mueller report.)
  5. Was Mueller biased? If so, in what way? How can we know? Is it true that Mueller laid out a case for congress to impeach Trump? (As much of the media claims.)
  6. Despite every special counsel before him coming to a conclusion about the president being investigated, Mueller made the case that he couldn’t. He gave a reason that there was no point since you can’t prosecute a sitting president. Most of the media accepted this explanation. However, it is possible to prosecute a president once out of office (or if removed), so it’s normally considered acceptable to come to a recommendation and nearly everyone expected Mueller to do so and was surprised when he didn’t. What do you think of Mueller’s explanation? If you feel it’s not the whole story, what do you feel is the whole story? (I’m personally curious about this, so hoping to gain more info.)
  7. Did Mueller exceed his mandate by creating a report intended for congress instead of the Attorney General or should that be considered acceptable? Should future special counsels follow Mueller’s approach?
  8. How do most members of the Church that you know deal with all the revelations in the Mueller report? (Whether they are for or against Trump.)
  9. I had to type quite a bit, so I probably made many typos. Please tell me where you find them so I can fix them.