Growing up Mormon (as we were called back in the day), I never remember Easter Sunday being anything special at church. Maybe a talk about the resurrection, but nothing like my non-LDS friends celebrated in their churches. New clothes were purchased, women wore hats special for the Easter, it was a big deal.

Over the ears, I’ve read on the bloggernacle about how poor we Mormons do Easter. But maybe there is change in the air? In our Stake, it was announced a few weeks ago, that every ward was to have a “special” sacrament meeting about Easter, and that we should invite our non-member friends. I actually made a comment in Elders Quorum that in the past our Easter Services were nothing I’d want to invite a non-member to, and I would wait until I saw how “Special” this sacrament would be before I thought about inviting a non-member in coming years. I got a few laughs and more than a few eye roles, but I think most silently agreed.

Last Sunday a member of the Stake Presidency attended, and he said he thought that it was a church wide mandate to have a “Special” sacrament for Easter.

So what did you do in your ward today for Easter? Was it better than years past? Was it Stake mandated, or did your ward just decide to do it? Do you remember great Easter services from years past? How can we as Mormons make Easter services better?