In the movie “Charley” there is a scene where the protagonist calls his mother about his concerns about his fiancée’s prior sexual experiences.  The mother castigates him for his concerns, telling him that they make him unworthy of the fiancée and of Christ.  It is clear that he is sinful for his condemning her, for denying the power of the atonement.

File:Foundation nail IMG 0073-black.jpg
One of the oldest nails in the world, from Wikimedia Commons

I was comparing that to a lesson I heard about where they pounded nails into a board and then pulled them out and basically said that the nails might be out but the holes will always remain – a lesson that basically said that Christ’s atonement may cover some things, but it was powerless to cover anything that really mattered.

It was a lesson that had a form of godliness, but denied the power of God.

Can you think of other lessons that people sometimes teach that may seem to have a good point, but that really just deny the power of God?