distant Figure
elsewhere and Other
high over the forest
upon the rock
Seer of predators, advance
Guard through firestorms
Voice behind the blizzard’s
veil of snow
Heard as stern or loving
depending on the Child
Get up, Bambi!
Healer through counsel
not so different than Mother
Future when mother is present
Present when mother is Past
You become him
savior begotten of Saviors
as he passes
into the grand Plural

Poet’s Notes:

This poem of course references the classic 1942 Disney film Bambi.

Also on my mind while writing this poem was a quote from President Dallin H. Oaks in the April 2017 session of General Conference: “It all begins with God the Father. While we know comparatively little about Him, what we know is decisive in understanding His supreme position, our relationship to Him, and His superintending role in the plan of salvation, the Creation, and all else that followed” (emphasis added).