I’ve always wonder what kind of car God would drive if he lived here on earth and needed to use human transportation. Would it be an upscale car like a Mercedes, or maybe a very humble car like a Honda Fit? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that He would drive a Toyota, and more specifically a Toyota Avalon!

The special knowledge came to me from a friend of the family who just came back last summer from a three year stint as a Mission President.  He returned driving a fairly new Avalon. When asked about the car, he said the church leases a new Avalon for each Mission President in the United States.  It is a three year lease, and after the three years, which coincides with the term of a MP, he can either turn it back in, or pay to buy the car and keep it for himself.  This friend also said that the general authorities get leased Avalons, and when one goes to the church office building during the week before General Conference, when they have all the GA meetings, it looks like a Toyota car lot. So for those of you in Salt Lake City this weekend, look out for all the Toyotas!

There are over 300 missions in the US, and probable another 100 GAs in the US that get these cars, so the church leases about 400 cars at any given time. I hope they negotiated a good fleet deal on those leases.

So, now I’m trying to determine what kind of car Satan would drive.  Any thoughts? I’m pretty sure he drives an old silver Hyundai that cut me off last week.  Only the devil himself could have been driving like that! And the way he smiled at me when I gave him the universal hand sign of displeasure only confirms it!