During the solemn assembly, Gerrit W. Gong and Ulisses Soares were sustained at our newest apostles.  Both can be considered non-white.  From Wikipedia,

Gong was born in 1953 in Redwood City, California, to Walter Gong and Jean Char and raised in Palo Alto, California.[5] Gerrit was named after Gerrit de Jong because his mother had lived with de Jong and his family while she was a student at BYU. His mother’s family were ethnic Chinese in Hawaii, while his father’s family lived in California and other parts of the United States after his ancestors emigrated from China in the late 19th century.

Soares is the 2nd non-American in the quorum, hailing from Brazil.  (Dieter F. Uchtdorf is from Germany.)

Soares was born in São PauloBrazil, the son of Apparecido and Mercedes Carecho Soares. His family joined the LDS Church when he was about five. As a young man, Soares served as a Mormon missionary in the Brazil Rio de JaneiroMission.

Soares was educated in Brazil, receiving a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics from Pontificia Catholic University and an MBA from the National Institute of Postgraduate Study.[1] Prior to his call as a general authority, Soares was employed as the director of temporal affairs for the LDS Church’s Brazil South Area.

Thoughts?  Are you excited for some diversity, or no big deal?

EDIT: The post’s title has been updated to clarify that Elder Soares is Latin American (specifically Brazilian), not Hispanic. The post’s title has also been updated to provide clarification that Gong is Chinese-American.