To quote from LDS Living:

“We understand the desire to clearly and strictly enforce a dress code for young women who are slammed with messages telling them their value lies in their sexual appeal above all else.

But dress codes like this one don’t help that cause, and might inadvertently do more harm than good.

Here’s why: They inadvertently sexualize young women as a collection of inappropriate body parts, positioning them as threats to be mitigated at any cost.”  [url displayed in full to make the source clear][They draw on this source.]

  • Full Frame Shot of Abstract PatternWhat evils have you seen with dress codes?
  • What positive things can dress codes provide? [School uniforms seem to have a lot of positives.  Can you think of other positives?]
  • What is a better way to approach modesty?
  • How often do dress codes merely act to harm women and objectify them rather than serve any useful purpose?
  • What other thoughts do you have about dress codes?
  • How do we have standards without objectifying?

Images from Free Stock Art.

This is a narrower topic than some we have had before — think of it as a bite sized part of the same issues addressed in earlier posts.