Without further ado, let the voting begin.  We’re trying a different voting procedure.  Unfortunately our old polling method doesn’t work on our new platform, and doesn’t allow linking.  So, here are the nominations.  Click the link below to actually take the survey.  Results will close Sunday Feb 11 and we will post results later next week.

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Tarefic Awards


Who was the worst commenter in 2017?

  • Kjhgdd
  • AndrewR
  • Mike

Worst Mormon Internet Drama:
– the entire Trump presidency
– Nelson claims Pox was revelation
– YW get to hold towels, still don’t get to witness
– tweets by Wife With a Purpose

Now it’s time to vote for the best of Mormonism and the Bloggernacle!


Coolest Scoops!

Best Mormon Twitter:

  • @ByCommonConsent
  • @experttextperts
  • @cjanekendrick
  • @jet_set
  • @_intelligencer_
  • @KenJennings

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:

What was the Best book/article/movie review last year?

What was the Best post on feminism last year?

What was the Best new blog (first published in 2017)?

What was the Best faith crisis post last year?

Who is the Best new blogger of 2017?

What was the best spiritual post last year?

What was the Best Post on the Temple last year?

Who was the Best overall blogger last year?

What was the best post title last year?

Who was the best commenter last year?

  • JR
  • Mike
  • ReTx
  • Dan
  • Happy Hubby
  • MTodd
  • Andrew S.
  • Jason K.
  • Dani Addante

Funniest Post last year:

What was the Best doctrinal post last year?

Best satirical post last year?

What was the best historical post this past year?

Best current events post last year:

Best personal post last year:

Best post on church policy of last year:

Best big blog:

Best group blog:

Best podcast:

Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum:

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