Christmas is the holiday when everyone travels, cross town or across the state or halfway across the continent. Planes, trains, or automobiles. As families or as a car full of students heading back for the break. The journey is half the fun — at least after the trip through snow, ice, and subzero temperatures is over. What Christmas trip of yours is worth sharing?

I think of a trip from Utah to Saskatchewan to visit family for Christmas. Once we hit Saskatchewan, it was close to 40 below. This was the trip where I learned about gas line antifreeze. Yes, your gas line really can freeze if it gets cold enough, and if your engine stops running a car gets very cold very quickly at that temperature, even if you have winter coats and blankets. Fortunately, Canadians drivers are friendly and helpful, knowing what happens to a stranded driver or family if no one stops to give a lift back to the nearest town. When traveling, sometimes the kindness of strangers makes all the difference.

May all your travels this year be safe and happy. Do you have any Christmas travel experiences, for better or for worse, to share?