The Wheat & Tares team has worked together over the years to bring you what we hope are some of the best Mormon internet discussions around. This kind of space doesn’t happen by accident, and it does require that commenters exhibit good (Wheat) behaviors more often than bad (Tare) behaviors. Like the parable, though, we prefer light moderation, letting the wheat and tares grow together until we can tell for sure which is which.

Please review the new and improved commenting policy to make this a wheatier site with meatier discussions:

Below is an outline of the revisions:

The following behaviors will get you in hot water:

  1. Personal attacks against others, including authors, commenters. (should we specify also not tolerated against church leaders & members, political figures, and others not present)
  2. Derailing discussions for hobby horse topics
  3. Trolling (starting fires), especially drive by trolling
  4. Sock puppets
  5. Inability to reach you over an inflammatory comment may result in being banned and comments removed

Wheat behaviors:

  • Participate in the discussion, don’t just lurk!
  • Move the ball forward.
  • If you dislike a comment, explain your perspective
  • If you like a comment, give it a thumbs up!
  • Offer to guest post if you have something lengthy to say.

Tare behaviors:

  • Personal attacks
  • Derailing discussions for pet topics
  • Writing a novel in the comments
  • Using sock puppets to dogpile
  • Trolling. Driving by. Not responding when our team reaches out to you.
  • Setting fires, trying to stir up trouble without really engaging.

Thank you–