During my stay in Utah for two weeks, I got to indulge in a very Utah/Mormon phenomenon of getting your caffeine fix via flavored sodas.  Two competing companies, Swig and Sodalicious sell what they call “dirty” sodas.  Dirty means they put other favors in a soda base to create a drink full of sugar and caffeine.  So contentious is the rivalry between these two purveyors of a Mormon legal caffeine fix that they recently settled a lawsuit over the use of the word “dirty”

In order to know what I was writing about, I felt obliged to partake of this delicacy.  I tried a Raspberry Dream from Swig, which is Dr Pepper, cream (half and half), coconut flavoring, and raspberry puree. While waiting in the drive through window, I conducted a mini interview to better understand this.

Me: So what percentage of your drinks are caffeinated?
Swig Girl (SG): We have a root beer and 7-up based drinks but nobody orders them
Me: what is you most popular base?
SG: Diet Coke
Me: What is your busiest time?
SG: Mornings, then again early afternoon
Me: do you sell coffee?
SG: You mean the Devils Brew?  Nope, we don’t sell such vile and caustic drinks hear, nothing but LDS approved caffeine with high fructose corn syrup and Aspartame sold here.
Me:  So you are kind of like a Mormon Starbucks?
SG:  Oh my heck yes!

I must admit that the drink was good, and I don’t regulagry drink sodas.  But what does this say about Mormons following the Word of Wisdom?  Is this a case where following the church’s current interpretation of D&C 89 with respect to “Hot drinks”  is actually making church members less healthy?  Do you think that Utah church members  are any worse than members at large with their soda consumption?