I think anybody that has read my posts will be aware that I have many questions in relation to my belief in the church, and even several conclusions.   But I have worked hard to not see things in black and white. I have seen many people go through a faith crisis and seem to stay “stuck” in a mode that they have nothing but anger towards the church. I absolutely get the anger phase that many go through and even after years I have my days. But I have tried to force myself to think of positive framing of the church and actions of its leaders. This is partially to help me preserve some relationships, but anybody that knows me knows that is just my temperament.

During this Thanksgiving I wanted to enumerate a few things about the church that I am thankful for. Here is what I came up with:


I am thankful to the church for being a big part of teaching me a good set of morals.

I am thankful to the church for helping give me a good group of friends when growing in my teen years.

I am thankful to the church for giving me opportunities to give service.

I am thankful to the church for the good service they do offer to others.

I am thankful to the church for the help they give to improve people’s lives. I have seen many cases of people being a bit down and out and the church and the members helping get them back on their feet.

What are some things that you are thankful for the church, no matter your current relationship with the church?