A few years ago, the LDS Church produced 3 new films for the temple endowment, with 3 different sets of actors.  Corbin Allred, who has played one of the kidnapped missionaries in Russia (a true life story) in the film The Saratov Approach, as well as Saints and Soldiers 1 and Saints and Soldiers 2 (note these are not sequels, although both WW2 movies) was the first actor to replace Michael Ballam from the older temple films.  While I have enjoyed Corbin’s acting in the 3 movies mentioned above, it seems to me that Corbin is a bit of an over-actor in the temple film, and not really believable.  He seems overly eager to get Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and then over-the-top angry when God throws him out of the Garden of Eden.

Darryl Yeager & Michael Ballam are out as Satan.

I don’t know the second actor’s name, but he seems the most persuasive to me.  He’s the cool Satan.  He seems to use charm to get Eve to eat the fruit.  From my perspective, I can see him as a seductive and persuasive.  I can see why Eve would be convinced by him.  I mean if Satan is the deceiver, this guy seems to be the best tempter.

The third actor, I’ll simply refer to the bald guy because, well, he is bald.  He seems very robotic, and not a convincing Satan either.  What do you think?