I am frequently in the temple on Saturday mornings, and there is often a man in a wheelchair.  I don’t know his medical condition, but I suspect he has severe cerebral palsy.  He cannot stand on his own, can’t really use his arms either, and speaks in a whisper.

His family brings him to the temple several times per month.  He usually comes completely dressed in white.  When it comes time to put on the priesthood robes, I’ve noticed that the people around him dress first, and then two people stand him up, and three other people put on his hat apron, etc.  Everyone just seems to know what help he needs, although one time I noticed that the officiator stopped the session when it appeared he was going to fall out of his wheelchair.

I’ve always been impressed with (1) how often he attends, and (2) how helpful not only his family is, but the temple patrons that ALWAYS pitch in to help him out.  It always reminds me of true Christian service.  What are your memories of seeing such Christian service for the severely disabled?