Note:  I wish I had published this on April Fool’s day and I wouldn’t need to put a disclaimer, “This is humor.”

I am sure many of the Wheat and Tares readers are aware of Mormon Leaks.  Well this just got a bit more interesting.  Mormon leaks claims to have quite a few more documents that they have not released.  Apparently an unnamed group apparently hacked into the Mormon Leaks web site on February 31st and was able to get all of the unreleased documents.  They published all of these documents on a web site that they released on April 1st,  but they forgot to tell anybody about it.  This unnamed group of hackers were apparently very technically capable, but lacked any marketing skills.  Below is a quick summary of the documents that were not yet released by Mormon Leaks.

1980 memo from the office of first presidency to Quorum of the 12

A sharp reprimand to the Quorum of the 12 stemming from an incident when the first presidency vault was opened and apparently Elder McConkie and Elder Packer dropped one of the seer stones while playing catch with it.  It was unclear if the pass was bad or it should have been caught.

April 2015 Journal Entry from new Apostle about a newbie faux pas he committed

It is a photo copy of a personal journal from an unnamed new apostle dated April 1, 2015.  The new apostle out having dinner with “the boys” apparently took a bit of his steak before he had a sip of his milk.  One of the senior apostles gently but firmly reminded him, “milk before meat” and then went on to say with a grin, “but we do not talk about the meat.”

2016 Church IT department memo on scrapped and new changes to LDS tools mobile app

The church’s IT department was in the final testing stages of an additional feature to the mobile app when it was scrapped.  The new feature used a combination of the phone’s position and the camera to detect when the user was falling asleep and would vibrate the phone to awaken the user.  It was thought to be a useful feature until the testing results came back indicating that it was vibrating so much that it was draining batteries and the sound of phones vibrating in gospel doctrine was the only feedback the teacher received.   Once it was found out that the feature was being dropped, some beta testers (especially High Priests) were upset as they liked the fact that it decreased the number of cracked screens they had from dropping phones when dozing off.

But the IT department turned attention to a yet to be released feature that allows the user to keep track of judging others with a few default deductions such as, “could almost see her shoulder”, “His shirt was not as white as it needs to be”.  This will be accessible also as a link from Church’s Library application from Matthew 7:3-5 footnote.

2014 meeting notes from Apostles

There was a discussion about feedback that the Sunday 3 hour block was a bit too long and cutting back to 2 hours and 50 minutes was proposed, but consensus was not reached on the drastic change.   Some debate was held on if this was policy or doctrine.

Partial meeting notes from a meeting of the Quorum of the 12 held on November 12, 2016

This is only one page of an unknown number of pages of notes on the meeting.  The subject on this one page was discussing how to respond to the leak of the 15 videos exposed by MormonLeaks a few months previous.   It discussed that even acknowledging the leaked videos might initiate the “Streisand Effect”.  Elder Oaks jumped in before the discussion could start on the subject to ask if Barbara Streisand was a confirmed homosexual.

November 2016 memo on delays on “Brigham Young’s Teachings” Gospel Topics essay

Apparently when the other gospel topic essays were written there was supposed to be one more essay discussing, “contradicting and WTF (What Terrific Faith) statements made by Brigham Young.”  At least at the time of this memo the church history department was still compiling it.  Issues were raised that many working on the project for years felt nobody could read through all of this as it was becoming longer than the Old Testament.  It was also noted that due to the length of the document, the LDS IT department would need to get more disk space.

The next 2 were very interesting as there was really no information leaked.

March 2014 memo labeled “Draft of Women and the Priesthood gospel topics essay.”

It was just a blank page.

March 2015 memo on “Criteria for calling new Apostles”

It was just one very white page with a small cutout on the upper right hand corner, making the white paper about in the shape of Utah.

November 2012 video discussing YSAs

This video covers a discussion on YSAs, but it seems to just be almost the exact same discussion as the video released in November 2008 with virtually no changes.

June 2016 video (seems to have been cut short)

This short video only shows that a woman (off the camera) asking if in 2018 the Relief Society could create their own manuals for 2018 that were teaching of the former Relief Society presidents.  This quickly devolved into uncontrollable laughter throughout the room.  With the camera shaking, apparently from the cameraman joining in the laugh fest, the video abruptly stops.

December 28, 2011 memo on the Quorum of the 12 correspondence to Brother Mack Wilberg

This memo is a directive from the Quorum of the 12 to Mack Wilberg, the director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, instructing him to decline the offer to sing at Kim Jong-un’s declaration as supreme leader of North Korea, due to “a bigger opportunity on the horizon” for the choir.

Notes taken from December 8 2015 Meeting of the 12

It is unclear why Mormon Leaks didn’t release this when they released the slides from this same meeting.  The discussion mainly centers on the one slide “Issues and Ideas Leading People Away from Gospel.”  The majority of the discussion focused on the color of the circles.  The first draft of the slide apparently used too much “Ute Red” and “BYU Blue” and this lead to a heated debate and even an enthusiastic singing of the University of Utah fight song by some.  After much debating, the final colors were agreed upon.  Before the meeting ended the key supporter of not using “Ute Red” nodded off one bubble was changed to red at the last minute.

And it appears that Mormon Leaks is still receiving current information.

March 20 2017 Memo to all Correlation Department Employees

The memo calls on the department to better coordinate the timing of releases to improve impact.  It sites that the video on  promoting some acceptance of gay children, but then it was a few days later that the online Ensign released a talk calling gay marriage counterfeit.  It reiterates that doublespeak like this should be released on the exact same day to further increase confusion.

And it seems that the Mormon Leaks site is still hacked by LeakyMormonLeaks as it has a new document that is only days old, once again from the correlation department.

April 2 2017 Memo to all Correlation Department Employees

This memo was reiterating that the Correlation Department Employees need to figure out how to reign in President Uchtdorf from straying the correlated view that, “The world is going to hell.”  This was apparently due to comments President Uchtdorf made in conference actually saying the world is a “vundervul place.”

November 3, 2016 Memo from Church Membership Department

This memo is a proposal being floated by the Church Membership department to change the age at which a member is assumed to be deceased and the that record is removed from current membership statistics.  The proposal is to move it from the current 110 to 125 ONLY for the reason that life expectancy is anticipated to be extending over the next few decades and EXPLICITLY NOT to pad the number of current members.

What more leaks do people expect?

Is a hack of website next?