On a visit this week to the temple with my daughter, I learned a few interesting things. I noticed that during confirmations, the temple has only printed sheets with three names. The temple worker said the temple is running out of names, so if you don’t bring your own names, they will let you only do three confirmations and four baptisms. They also said they won’t allow endowed people to be baptized on behalf of the dead unless they bring their own names.

Better print your own cards now. The temple is running out!

Have people heard this at other temples?

I know that in the early days of the church, genealogy was much more difficult, so the church found names for people. According to the FamilySearch website, some members are hoarding names, so that is why they have put a time limit on completing ordinances, and are encouraging people to release names to the temple.

My kids love to do baptisms. Baptisms, confirmations, initiatories, and sealings take little time per person. I have a backlog of endowments to do and I wish you could release only endowments to the temple so you could complete the sealings yourself.

Are you encouraged by the fact that there is so much temple work being done that the church is having trouble keeping up?