What would valuing women as equals look like in the LDS church?

I’ve had some people ask my opinion about that question. Until now, I’ve yet to actually share an opinion, because I either get cut off with

“I’ve never seen anything more stupid”


“Well duh (or something similar)”

I’m going to share the following comment and ask what you think and why.

Relief society presidency for the entire Church chooses and calls its own board.

Relief society has equal membership on the general church correlation committee. (So if there are six members, three are women chosen by the relief society and three are men, if eight members, then 4&4, etc).

Relief society administers a budget equal to the priesthood and scouting budget.

Relief society writes its own visiting teaching messages.

“Teachings of” manuals alternate between male and female subjects/authors rather than men only year after year.

The same is true for the monthly lessons taught from conference talks and Ensign articles. They alternate month to month between male and female speakers.

That is what a church looks like that considers women equal and valuable.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree and why? Do you think the answer is obvious? If so, why?