EnsignMagazine 01Recently I ran across a thread that discussed some potential Ensign articles that would help address some common criticisms or answer questions. That seemed to make a great concept for a post and a place to invite reader input.

I’d invite your posting/commenting what you would like to see addressed in the “I have a question” section that comes and goes or otherwise covered in the Ensign.

While waiting for your suggestions, here are some of the suggestions I have seen that people would like to see addressed in the Ensign.  I’m sure that our readers have better suggestions, but just use these to get the idea going.  The real meat of this conversation will be in the comment section.

  1. The Church has been accused of running on Nepotism rather than Inspiration. It would be great to see a rebuttal that lists all the general authorities who are not related by blood or marriage to other general authorities.  It is time to lay that rumor to rest.
  2. There are a number of unsubstantiated rumors that the stipends provided to general authorities have gone beyond the (last disclosed) value of up to $90,000.00 a year (including medical and other benefits, and reduced by a lack of need) to outrageous sums, every rumor with a greater number than the last. It would be great to see an accurate summary of what general authorities now receive and how they calculate their tithing.  I’m tired of all the speculation and this would put an answer to all of that.
  3. The Church is often accused of only spending a minuscule amount of those amounts donated for disaster and other relief on the needy. It would be great to see an analysis of the real numbers of funds in, funds spent and a comment on the fast offerings disbursed as well (that always seem to not show up in the criticism.
  4. (One of our readers gave some great examples of some projects the Church was behind) — what are some projects and charitable giving that have not been in the news but that would be good to know about.
  5. The Family, A Proclamation to the World is the topic for a year of visiting teaching lessons.  The Ensign articles are interesting, but who wrote them?  How was the topic picked and how were the authors of the essays for the visiting teaching lessons selected?
  6. We talk a lot about cleaning the chapels.  Everyone from top to bottom in the church now is supposed to get their turn.  I’d love to hear from the members of the quorum of the twelve about their experiences cleaning chapels and how it has affected them in the last year.  I think it would create a great sense of commonality to know that Elder Nelson or Elder Oaks are out there once a year or more cleaning their chapel just as we clean ours.  It would make an inspiring article.
  7. What about more discussions about mental illness? Or is the current number of discussions the right amount?
  8. What about more discussions of the 1-800 line for reporting abuse and a reminder of the clear policy the Church has about not covering abuse up and putting victims first (as a reminder for anyone who might think of taking another approach. Would it be useful to make that clearer in a public forum so everyone knows the rules and the contact information?

EnsignMagazine 03What rumor or criticism that you’ve heard would you like addressed and rebutted in the Ensign?  What article would you like?

Who would you like to know more about?

What topics would you like to see addressed?

What authors would you like more of?

What are your suggestions?