I recently witnessed baptisms (on behalf of the dead) at the temple.  Mormons, as well as many other Protestants, typically lean the person backwards.  Mormons make a big deal that the entire body must be immersed, or the ritual needs to be repeated.  In this Catholic baptism, an adult woman was baptized by immersion as she held onto the priest and another person.

In this re-creation of John the Baptist (quoting directly from the Bible), subjects lean forward to be baptized.

In the protestant baptism, the subject sits on a stool in the water, and it is much easier to recline in the water.  The pastor didn’t even need to get wet!  (Fast forward to the 3 minute mark to see her sit down.)

It got me thinking about all the different ways to baptize.  Lying down backwards in the water seems to uncomfortable for the initiate.  I really liked the re-creation video above where the person simply bends forward in the water.  The person has balance, and it isn’t so awkward.  I also like the idea of a chair.  Why do you think we make it so hard for the person to bend backwards when baptized?  Some of the youth being baptized popped up an elbow, knee, hair, or hand so the baptism had to be repeated.  Could we be a little less strict on body parts (as done in the Catholic video) being immersed?  Some videos on Youtube had two people in the water to make it easier.  (Fast forward to the 1:20 mark to see the baptism.)

Can you see the LDS Church ever incorporating some of these policies for baptism to make it easier for the person being baptized?